Marco Díaz

Marco Díaz

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First Name * Marco
Last Name * Díaz
Username * MarcoDiaz
Country * Mexico
City Mexico City
Nationality Mexican
Languages EnglishSpanish


Current Position 3D Designer
Current Company Televisa
Areas of Expertise 3D modelerCompositingenvironment design.Lighting
Preferred Tools Mayav-raynukePhotoshopAfter Effects


Availability: Full time
Phone number 0445527324526


  • VFS 3D Animation and Visual Effects Diploma
  • EUNOIA 3D Modeling and Animation Certificate


Hi! I'm a 3D Artist graduated from VFS, I consider myself a generalist but I'm more specialized in Modeling and Compositing. Some of the things I love to do are modeling environments, objects, and SCI FI stuff and then combine all them with live action in composition, in order to make a nice and realistic situation. I love my work, hope you like it and don't doubt to keep in touch if my skills can add sometthing to your work. I don't have problem to move to another country!